Friday, September 19, 2008


I've been thinking about making a blog just to post reflections for some time.

Things that I've been thinking about. Insights and epiphanies. Things that I'd like to put out there, to share with whoever wants to take a look at them.

Mostly, this blog will be my musings about life, the universe, and everything.

Who knows, someone else out there might be thinking about the same things, and we might even start a dialog.

Or these thoughts might spark some thoughts of your own. Some things that you, too, would like to mull over for a while, even if you never share them with me.

Or you might find them just the meanderings of a fifty-something woman, and not worth the electrons they're printed with. (In which case, please just go read something else. :D )

So who am I?

I'm a Wiccan Priestess, serving the Lady for these last 30 years and more. I'm an artist, doing what I can to create beauty and harmony everywhere I go. I'm a writer, which mostly means that I talk too much. I'm a philosopher, which mostly means that I think too much. I'm a teacher, which mostly means that I want to get you to think and talk too much, too. :D

Politically, I'm a liberal, which mostly means that I think that the government should regulate large corporations, and leave individual people pretty much alone to make their own decisions. It also means that I believe in conserving nature, in living within our means, and in treating adults like adults. And it means that I think that trying to legislate morality is not only pointless but dangerous.

I value freedom, including free choice and free thought, and I think that it's the responsibility of the individual to question everything, cherish that which is valuable, and take nothing for granted. I also think that it's just plain silly to expect everyone to find the same things valuable, and feel that we should be allowed to cherish that which we choose to cherish, without interference, as long as we harm no one.

I think that each one of us is wholly responsible for our own actions; everything we do or say, everything we dwell on or dismiss, everything we treasure or discard. These are all choices we make, and lessons we can learn.

Who am I?

I'm a part of the Universe, who happens, at the moment, to be living in the body of a woman, on a planet we call Earth, in a country called the United States, in a State called Michigan. But all of that is just happenstance, and not terribly important.

I'm a creator, making things up as I go along, weaving dreams into reality and thought into speech. Helping to form the Consensual Universe that we inhabit, on an ongoing basis, moment to moment, and day to day.

Just like you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robin. These reflections were lovely to read. As a 40 something woman I relate to almost every word here. (I am a lapsed Wiccan.) You have articulated the way of life of a conscious, compassionate, creator. I wish more people aspired to this kind of life. In fact, I think the current trends in crafting and knitting and DIY are evidence that many people are craving the satisfaction of creating things. Have a wonderful 2009! Oh, and thanks for the SL UV maps! - Serene Jewell